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Why use an Online Exit Survey?
By Sarah James

Exit interviews and exit surveys allow HR to identify primary reasons employees have left the company. This knowledge is used to drive overall organisational improvement and increase employee retention rates throughout the organisation. The benefits extend beyond retention into attraction as HR use the feedback gathered to recruit people who fit their culture.

Read this article to discover the eight reasons why an online exit survey should be an integral part of your HR process.

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Senior HR Executives look to find out the cause of staff turnover when recruitment costs start to spiral out of control. A fundamental part of this process typically includes an exit interview so that the drivers behind the exodus can be determined. Exit Interviews can be run either face to face or via survey or as a combination of both approaches. Each approach has its pros and cons and this article explains the pros associated with online surveys as the way to gather feedback about why your employees are leaving.

Online exit surveys have many advantages including:

1. Consistency in data collected. Standardising the questions that are asked to ensure a consistent process is followed means that you have consistent data being captured which enables comparison and trend spotting. You are in effect comparing apples with apples.

2. Bias removed. There are no agendas or personalities able to influence the data as the questions are all standardised and data captured comes directly from the departing employee themselves. This is critical as it ensures that data is accurately recorded.

3. Able to ask difficult questions. Asking someone face to face if they are leaving an organisation because of difficulties with colleagues or Managers can be difficult. It can be made even more difficult when the person you are asking has the issue with you. Using an online tool provides a channel that departing employees are likely to find less confronting when they need to confess their dislike of a person as a cause for departing.

4. Reduced admin burden. Feedback collected directly into an online survey tool like PeoplePulse avoids the requirement for data entering to occur.

5. Data safely stored and easily accessed. When data collection is electronic and centralised it is kept safe and your ability to present it in a summary format for review of trends becomes simple and easy to do. Stored data that is easily accessed becomes particularly important when you are doing year on year comparisons.

6. Notification and flagging of trends / responses. Exit surveys often produce data that is time sensitive and requires an action. Therefore, having an online survey tool that can use inbuilt technology to automatically highlight the response received via a red flag report or a notification that is triggered when certain events or responses are received is crucial and saves a lot of time. For example, most exit surveys these days typically include a question around bullying and/or discrimination. Receipting an affirmative to this type of question will typically result in a pre-agreed person with the relevant skills and authority to deal with responses that indicate such an event has occurred within an area of the Company being sent a notification that this event has occurred.

7. Maintain privacy of responses. Keeping paper responses confidential can be challenging just due to the very nature of paper responses being difficult to secure whereas using an online folder system with different security settings able to be applied both at a reporting and a division level that comes inbuilt with your online survey tool makes this a whole lot easier.

8. Real-time access to data. Perhaps the most obvious benefit of using an online survey tool is your ability to access real-time data; you can find out what the trends are behind your exiting workforce. You donít have to wait weeks for data to be collated and analysed this can be done on an ongoing basis, whenever and wherever you want. This kind of flexibility provides you with a platform from which you can make effective decisions.

HR teams exclusively conducting face to face exit interviews that are then manually entered into a system miss the advantages that an online exit survey system can provide. In this age of technology, there is a real advantage to taking your exit surveys online to understand why your employees are leaving.

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