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Exit Interview Surveys - Why An Online Form Makes Sense

Exit Interview surveys are a crucial tactic for any company serious about retaining their leaving staff. A centralised survey process can help remove interviewer bias, improve consistency and deliver a centralised reporting platform.
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How to Get More Responses from Employee Exit Surveys.
Everything HR need to know to improve response rates for Employee Exit Surveys.
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Why Conduct an Exit Interview?
Need help convincing Management of the benefits of implementing a new staff exit interview system?
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Use Exit Interviews To Dramatically Reduce Turnover.
What is the first thing you would do if you started losing your key customers to your competitors? Well the simplest way to find out why they are leaving and stop the loss of business is to obviously ask them. Read Article.
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Example Interview Questions.
Need a little inspiration regarding how to structure your questionnaire and what to ask?
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What is the Cost of Employees Leaving?
While the implementation of an effective exit interview process will help point to the reasons why people depart your business, you rarely know the cost of each departure.
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Why use an Online Exit Survey?
Read this article to discover the eight reasons why an online exit survey should be an integral part of your HR process. Read Article.
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Why Bother Asking Employees Why They Are Leaving?
What can be gained by listening to those who are leaving?   Read Article.
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In a recent survey conducted by Australian Institute of Management, one-in-three organisations currently experiencing high staff turnover did not know why some or all of their staff left.

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